3 Essential Tips From a Roof Repair Contractor to Get Your Roof Ready for Summer

Get Your Roof Ready This Summer

It’s time to prep your home for the summer as it’s just around the corner. Making ensuring your roof is in great shape is one of the most crucial summer home maintenance tasks. Your house may be shielded from summer storms, heat, and moisture with a well-maintained roof. Here are 3 essential tips from a roof repair contractor to help you in getting your roof ready for the summer season.

Inspecting Your Roof Regularly

It’s important to inspect your roof regularly to make sure everything is in working order. Look for cracked or missing shingles, as well as any signs of water damage such as discoloration or mold growth. You should also check the flashing around vents and chimneys, as these areas can be particularly vulnerable to leaks. If you find any problems, it’s best to call a professional roofer right away so they can repair any damage before it gets worse.

Inspect the Flashing Around Vents

Flashings are metal strips used to seal gaps between two pieces of material on your roof, such as around vents or chimneys. Over time these flashings can wear down due to weather conditions, so it’s important to inspect them periodically and replace any worn-out flashings before they start leaking. This will help keep water from getting into vulnerable areas of your home during storms or heavy rains.

Clean up & replace loose gutters

Spending your afternoon cleaning out your gutters is not an activity most homeowners typically look forward to, but it’s critical in preventing severe damage to your house. It’s important to clean your gutters regularly in the summer since many things can clog up your gutters and drains, including leaves, dirt, birds’ nests, and more. If you see insects crawling around in your gutters, there is a chance they are clogged. Animals like mice and squirrels use the debris in clogged gutters to make their nests.

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